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9 Best + Free Online Excel Courses, Classes & Certifications

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Our experts have compiled this list of Best Free Online Excel Courses, Classes & Certifications. These courses are apt for beginners, those who are at an intermediate level as well as for those willing to learn advanced designing skills.

Microsoft Excel is the most generally used software within the business community. Whether it’s bankers or accountants or marketing professionals or business analysts or scientists or entrepreneurs, most professionals use Excel constantly.

By having Excel skills in your resume, your employability can be greatly increased. The best thing is that without spending any money on college courses, you can develop your Excel skills by using online resources at the convenience of your own home.

By completing the right Excel training course and having mastered the fundamentals of Excel, you can improve your employment and career prospects and prove to be a valuable asset to your organization.

Microsoft Excel is a very useful tool for analyzing data in your day-to-day life such as managing personal finances. Thus, Excel skills are quite important for personal development. These provide for all initial, intermediate, and advanced level learners.

Best Free Online Excel Courses

1. Microsoft Excel-Excel from Beginner to Advanced (Udemy)

This course helps you do Microsoft Excel from beginner to advanced level. It is taught by Microsoft Office Certified Expert Kyle Pew and is also a Microsoft Certified Instructor with over 18 years of live classroom and online training experience. He uses his Excel training experience to guide you step by step so that you can build a strong foundation to progress through intermediate, advanced levels, and beyond.

This course is extremely in-depth and combines 4 different Excel courses:
Microsoft Excel 101 Introduction –covers the basics of Excel, such as Excel interfaces, building spreadsheets, entering/editing data, working with formulas, Excel print options, common Excel shortcuts, and visualizing data with charts.

Microsoft Excel 102 (Intermediate level) – Excel list topics such as working with tables, sorting and filtering data, list functions, data validation, import and export data, pivot tables, and manage large data.

Microsoft Excel 103 (Advanced level) – Covers some topics, such as building advanced Excel formulas, lookup functions, auditing excel formulas, text-based functions, protecting Excel sheets, analyzing, and introducing macros.

Master Microsoft Excel Macros and VBA in 6 Simple Projects – covers macros and VBA in detail so you learn how to automate excel tasks and how to create VBA procedures, etc.
Master Microsoft Excel Macros and VBA are covered in 6 simple projects — Macro and VBA in detail, so you can learn how to automate Excel tasks and also how to create VBA processes, etc.

This course was created with Excel 2013. But all the features work in Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016. You get lifetime 16 hours of video content, 4 articles, and 37 downloadable resources.
Key USPs:

  • Learn how to create an effective spreadsheet.
  • Master Excel’s most known functions like SUM, VLOOKUP, IF, Average, index/match, and more.
  • To learn Microsoft Excel Add-in, PowerPivot tools.
  • Learn how to create dynamic reports with Excel PivotTables.
  • Learn how to automate day to day Excel tasks using Macros and VBA.
  • Duration: 16 hours of on-demand video.

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2. Excel Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

Principal Dennis Taylor of Taylor Associates has created this Microsoft training program that will help you to learn working with multiple worksheets, calculate quickly through simple functions, and create Pivot tables and charts.

The teaching lesson covers many topics such as COUNTIF, VLOOKUP, and other data analysis tools. You can learn how to use Microsoft Excel 2016 features through this free Excel training.

Key USPs:

  • Learn how to use shortcut menus and Mini toolbar and easily create powerful sheets easily.
  • Know how to enter data with Auto fill feature.
  • Understand how to use the menu system and perform simple to complex calculations with ease.
  • Start learning this tool with an Excel Expert who has years of experience in spreadsheet training and writing.
  • Handling automated tasks by using Macros through this extensive training program.
  • You will easily understand how to work with worksheets and workbooks.
  • The best part is that to learn all these skills you will get a free 1-month trial.

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3. Excel Essentials: The Entire Excel Series Level 1, 2, and 3

By now you must have understood that Excel is the most commonly used and necessary tool for understanding data. So according to this Excel Essentials course, you can learn Excel from the ground up and become a superuser from the very beginning.

You will learn advanced concepts that will help you to program your very fully developed application using VBA. Apart from that, this course includes video lectures, projects, quizzes, and downloadable resources with all levels that will help you analyze your core strengths and knowledge in Excel. In short, you will find everything you need to become a coder in Excel from a beginner.
Key USPs:

  • Master all the fundamentals of Excel with this course, even if you have never used or seen a spreadsheet before
  • Learn how to develop your spreadsheet from scratch, and how to create a PowerPoint presentation
  • Be able to build simple, and complex formulas, and how to use some Excel built-in functions without any external help
  • If you’re stuck with any topic or problem in the course then directly talk to your teacher.
  • After completion of the course get a shareable certificate that helps you to achieve promotion in your organization.
  • Duration: 3-4 days. Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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4. Excel Skills for Business Certification

This comprehensive course available at Coursera is specifically designed for all those who wish to develop their Microsoft Excel skills for business. Designing effective spreadsheets and performing complex calculations will be taught.

If you want to learn how to manage large datasets efficiently, this will be one of the best Microsoft Excel courses for you. It consists of four types of courses which Will help you put a fabulous weight on your resume. You can also check out some of the best business analytics online courses. It is definitely one of the best Free Online Excel Courses.

Key USPs:

  • Learn how to resolve various types of business problems through this Microsoft Excel training.
  • It is easy to learn to perform basic calculations using functions and formulas, creating data visualizations, and navigating the user interface of MS Excel.
  • To take your skills to new heights is a great opportunity
  • Best Microsoft Excel Certification Online for Self-Learners and beginner Users
  • Upgrade your skillset and handle sales billing tasks easily
  • Help you learn how to work more than one workbook and worksheets.
  • Duration: 6 Weeks and 2 to 4 Hours/Week. Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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5. Microsoft Excel Crash Program – From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours

This is one of the best online Microsoft Excel training programs for all those who want to become proficient in Microsoft Excel. It includes 75 video lectures that will let you master by this tool.

You will get lifetime access to this tutorial which will allow you to learn new content reviews. Through this tutorial, you can become an expert in Microsoft Excel by learning all the basic features and advanced features.
This training is provided by a certified instructor with over 15 years of experience.
Key USPs:

  • MS Excel 2013 will get great coverage under this program.
  • Ideal for all skill levels- Beginner to Advanced
  • Learn how to do powerful functions and calculate easily.
  • It covers 6.5-hour on-demand videos, 2 articles, and 1 supplemental resource
  • Learn through specific video lectures that show how to perform basic functions to advanced features
  • Duration: 6.5 Hours. Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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6. Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions

This class is an Advanced Excel Training run by Chris Dutton, where you will learn about 75+ functions and formulas of Excel 2016, Excel 2013 and Excel 2010.

This teaching method is specially designed for modern learners. The tutorial comes with lifetime access, 1-on-1 trainer support, homework exercises & quizzes, project files, etc.
Key USPs:

  • Polish up your skills with highly effective, interactive and fun lessons.
  • The training consists of 9 supplementary resources, 1 article, and 6 hours of on-demand videos.
  • Learn to use a range of formulas and functions, including formula-based formatting, statistical functions, Text functions, logical operators, and so on.
  • Become familiar with powerful analytics formulas and tools such as FILTERXML, WEBSERVICE, HYPERLINK and INDIRECT.
  • Perfect tutorial for learning how to manipulate arrays, text, date, and time.
  • You will learn how to handle time-consuming analytics tasks easily.
  • If you want to be an expert in Excel, then this is the right tutorial for you.
  • Duration: 6 Hours. Rating: 4.6 out of 5.

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7. Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel

This Microsoft Excel course created by Sharad Borle is perfect for learning powerful data analysis tools. It is specially designed for all those who want a little knowledge about this tool.

It is the best way to easily learn functionality and improve skills. By joining this Excel training, you can learn to create charting and advance graphing and to create pivot tables, Histograms, scatter plots, etc. It is one of the best online excel courses for data analysis.
Key USPs:

  • To understand the basic operations and functions of spreadsheets.
  • Learn how to construct pivot tables, create charts, and organize data.
  • Ideal for beginners, who want to learn something new in a fun way.
  • Including various topics such as VLOOKUP, Pivot tables, Line, Bar, and Pie charts, etc.
  • I just need Microsoft Excel 2010 or later version to complete the assignments.
  • You will have to learn basic operations like reading data into Excel along with manipulating data in Excel, various data formats, and other advanced functionality.
  • Duration: 4 Weeks of Study, 1-3 hours per week. Rating: 4.7 out of 5.

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8. Data Visualization with Advanced Excel

For those who want to learn Advanced Excel 2013 functions, this is the Best Advanced Excel course in addition to our panel of experts. In this program, you will be taught how to create power view reports and complex graphs.

It is taught by Alex Mannella who is a former principal. When you sign up for this tutorial, you will have access to all programming assignments, quizzes, and videos. You will get some course materials and audit video lectures free. You might want to check out the best data visualization courses. It is one of the best Free Online Excel Courses for data visualization.

Key USPs:

  • Learn to develop databases and data models.
  • The program includes an interactive textbook, quizzes, exclusive pre-recorded videos, and projects that will help you learn all the concepts.
  • Get a great opportunity to connect with various learners.
  • Available on Coursera at affordable prices.
  • Learn to create a dynamic dashboard.
  • You will be taught to perform various types of simulation analysis and scenarios.
  • Duration: 4 Weeks, 3 to 4 hours per week. Rating: 4.8 Out of 5.

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9. Microsoft Excel Classes – Basic & Advanced (GoSkills)

This online training by GoSkills is popularly designed to teach you basic techniques and functions in Excel. Some of the core topics include statistical, math, logic, and text functions, organize data by sorting and filtering, effectively presenting your data in several chart formats, and many more.

After this, switch to the intermediate and advanced level content like finding a value with VLookup, creating and formatting PivotTables, recording basic Macros, and more. Upon completion of the lessons, you will be well equipped with the skills necessary to boost your career.
Key USPs:

  • Since this is a beginner level lesson, however, little or no experience is required for enrollment.
  • A wide variety of examples and demonstrations help you see the topics.
  • Personalized learning and therefore the simple learning at your own pace.
  • Try unlimited tests and quizzes to improve your understanding of topics.
  • Regularly updated content lets you stay up to date with the latest progress.
  • Duration: 4 hours 41 minutes. Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Hope you liked this blog post on the Best Free Online Excel Courses, Classes & Certifications. Do share your feedback with us in the comments section below.

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